About Us

Asia Broadcasting Corporation Private Limited., the owner of Hiru FM / Gold FM / Sun FM / Sooriyan FM, Shaa FM and Hiru TV is a part of Rayynor Silva Holdings, a large BOI Company registered under Section 17. Launched in July 1998, not only is Asia Broadcasting Corporation (Private) Limited the largest Radio Network in Sri Lanka, this company has also revolutionized the Media industry by setting up Sri Lanka’s First Ever Private Tamil Channel - Sooriyan FM, along with Sri Lanka’s First Ever English Oldies Channel - Gold FM and Sri Lanka’s First Youth Channel Shaa FM, not to mention Sri Lanka’s number one Sinhala channel - Hiru FM and Sri Lanka's youth English trend setter ; Sun FM, and very recently the first ever Digital Ready /HD Ready TV Channel in Sri Lanka, Hiru TV.

Today, each radio channel has secured the Number One slot in its targeted segment as the preferred channel and has accumulated a massive & “loyal” listener base, due to the untiring efforts of a young and dynamic team driven to achieve only the best!

Currently, the company is being successfully steered by Mr. Rayynor Silva , one of the most senior radio personalities in today’s broadcasting field in Sri Lanka. His experience of 19 years in the 20 year old private radio broadcasting industry has given him an invaluable in-depth insight of the industry.

He was also awarded the highest media honorary title and honorary award of “Vishwa Keerthi Maadya Shoori Jana Prasaada” in honor of the services rendered during the Vanni Humanitarian Operations, last year.

Rayynor Silva Managing Director Asia  Broadcasting Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.

Rayynor Silva was also the youngest President in the history of the IAA (International Advertising Association) Sri Lanka Chapter. It was during his tenure that the Advertising Awards “Chillies” was formed in collaboration with the 4A’s.

Adding another notch on his belt, Rayynor Silva introduced the first ever Digital Ready /HD Ready TV Channel to Sri Lanka in May 2012, in the form of Hiru TV. Hiru TV is the single largest investment ever made to set up a television channel in Sri Lanka, and is equipped with the next generation technology of Digital Ready and HD Ready, and was launched with islandwide coverage from day one, revolutionizing the country’s television industry by setting up its first television channel.

Hiru TV has not only given high emphasis on coverage; it has also put in a lot of effort towards the clarity of transmission as well as quality of delivery. Ensuring such quality standards never seen before in the history of Sri Lankan television, and the technology used by Hiru TV is in par with global giants such as Star World.

Hiru TV is a combination of a general television channel and a music television channel delivering more colour, attitude and personality to the Sri Lankan television viewer.

Hiru TV’s programming line up is created to mesmerize television viewers in Sri Lanka and will feature some of the best variety of programmes, movies and teledramas, taking Sri Lankan television viewers towards a new wave; shifting their attitudes and perspective.

The Head Office is situated at the World Trade Centre, and currently occupies the entire 35th & 37th Floors in the East Tower of the World Trade Centre.


Why we are number One!

We speak your language...

We make you sing, dance, laugh, cry, test your intelligence, foster your competitive spirit & become your friend, guide and guru.

We are with you in all your good times and celebrations, not forgetting to cheer you up when you are down.

Our relationship extends beyond the airwaves as we get down to meet you in person with interactive promotions which gives the best to both the listener and the sponsor.

We possess unbeatable coverage that is a result of excellent strategic planning and positioning to maximize areas covered effectively.

The drive to reach new heights and create benchmarks of Radio Excellence is ever present in our handpicked crew, who undoubtedly are our number one resource.

Our Coverage & Infrastructure

The Head Office at World Trade Centre currently holds the main operations, which includes 8 studios; consisting of 6 broadcasting studios, 1 production studio & 1 dubbing studio.

In addition to that, the World Trade Centre office also houses the following:
The Master Control Room (MCR), the Transmission Rooms for Colombo, the Music Library, News Rooms, and all other offices.

We transmit from 11 different locations around the Island, namely; Gongala, Gammaduwa, Kikiliyamana, Hunnasgiriya, Madolsima, Jaffna, Ratnapura, Kokavil, Magalkanda, Kurunegala, including WTC. In addition to these 11 state of the art transmission setups, we also own the 3 towers situated at Gongala, Gammaduwa & Kikiliyamana

Our Head Office at WTC is also equipped with state of the art Studios and Equipment.

While the main transmitting facility is situated at the World Trade Centre, we also transmit all channels from 10 other locations in the country.

Our News Team

  • Renowned Reporters, Journalists and Newscasters
  • Further strengthened by over 300 Correspondents Island wide, and an International Reporter Network based in more than 40 countries.


  • Largest news exposure, bringing the latest breaking news stories
  • Daily 24hr bulletins & 24 news highlights in 3 languages
  • Reaches a wide spectrum of the population with diverse interests
  • Keeping the public informed at all times with all mediums available – SMS and Web
  • Unbiased and comprehensive reporting
  • Corporate News, which extensively covers a day’s business & economic activities, including Exchange Rates, Stock Market Updates & Global Financial Reports
  • Sports News - the latest in sports with an ear for sports activities most popular in Sri Lanka